Libreria Dante di Longo

In the 1960s, an Emilian and an Apulian opened a “Dante di Longo” bookstore-stationery in the centre of Ravenna. Today it is one of the historical bookshops of Ravenna managed by the sisters Longo Alberta and Angela.
Over the years, the Libreria Dante di Longo has become a full-blown cultural institution, it is a point of reference for anyone who wants to approach or deepen the local culture, customs, traditions of Romagna, as well as art and technique of the mosaic and Dante’s poetics.
Apart from a wide availability of local volumes, the library has many of its own publications and a large section of volumes in the original language, children’s literature and stationery.
In addition to this, the Longo family has always been committed to enhancing the cultural and territorial heritage of the city, organizing readings for children and adults, various events inviting famous people, and making book presentations.
The Longo sisters are very competent and polite, ready to recommend the right book for every reader because the Longo Bookshop is not just a bookshop, it is a cultural centre, it is a place where books are loved.