Barbara Liverani Studio

Barbara Liverani Mosaico is a studio – shop in the historic and pulsating heart of Ravenna, where for more than 10 years Barbara, with her energy, creativity and skill, with particular attention to furniture and jewels, has been creating unique mosaic works, original ideas in which to find all her skill and passion for this magnificent art.
In her studio, Barbara creates mosaic objects, wedding favours, raku ceramics and contemporary jewellery characterized by the softness of the lines and the elegance of the colours. Each piece is unique, made with the times and the mastery of a mosaic technique that blends the ancient with the modern, using Venetian glass pastes, gold and murine, according to the centuries-old school of Byzantine mosaic.
In recent years, after having deepened the study and practice of goldsmithing and micromosaic, Barbara has given ample space to the creation of absolutely unique jewels, which dress a dynamic and modern woman, or a bride on her most important day.