Jean Music

“Jean music room”, a fascinating timeless musical lounge that you find in the center of Ravenna. Gianni Corbari, the soul of this place, has dedicated his entire life to music. Dj and artistic director of various clubs, he has always been a frequent visitor to fairs in Italy and abroad to collect and collect material, especially vinyls.
“Jean music room” is the result of his passion, of everything he has done over the years. In the Jean music room, in addition to vintage and new vinyls, it is possible to find CDs, music-themed books, movie posters and hi-fi stereo systems from the 70s.
Adding to his passion for music Gianni offers a selection of delicious wines, offering the possibility of drinking excellent glasses, listening to good music in his living room.
Gianni says “music is my life, and being close to customers and being able to pass on my tastes and advice to them is the best thing”.