“CocCami & Miranda” is an artisan workshop of true artists, the result of a passion for fashion that can be felt in every object produced. Two girls who have transformed their degrees into “Sociology of beads and Philosophy of cut and sew” through creativity, art and culture of taste. And now in their workshop they create their flirtations for ladies.
CocCami Bijoux by Camilla Coccari and Miranda – Bags and hats by Simona Morgagni, have opened their workshop in Ravenna in the courtyard of the famous via Cavour.
A few years after the opening, on the first floor of the laboratory they created a small photo studio together with the photographer Tania Melnikova, specialized in dog & portrait photography, where Tania creates her beautiful portraits. Together with Camilla and Simona they created bijoux and accessories from the “Estro Armonico” collection with images of dogs.
“CocCami & Miranda” is a small all-female world in the heart of Ravenna where a woman can find clothing with precious fabrics, or accessories and handmade bijoux after a great search for materials, shapes and colours. All of this can be bought or worn to take a photo of Tania’s portrait because time passes, but the photos remain!